Fair pricing

Aligning pricing structures to value creation


Formatted assessments & interventions
  • Definite budget mandates
  • Specific interventions
  • Governance related activities

In budgets we always apply a 20% margin of error, dependent on complexity/value.


Comprehensive mandates
  • Buy and sell side representation
  • Comprehensive risk assessments valuations
  • Due diligence related coordination

We align our interests to our client’s by decreasing fees over time.

Performance fees

Transaction based fees
  • Buy and sell side mandates

We deduct from our performance fee any additional cost related to sourcing.

Providing above market standard diligence & transparency on pricing standards and applications.

For our clients:
  • We define a comprehensive plan before each project.
  • We divide each project into phases, stages & tasks (deliverables).
  • We provide our clients with a real transparency on the evolution of the project.

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“Price is what you pay, value is what you get."
Warren Buffet